What Is Bluestacks And How To Download It On Windows 10 Laptops ?

Sometimes you might want a change of scenery for no particular reason, and you begin to look here and there for something to fill that void. I get really bored or sometimes angry about either my phone screen-size or even how slow it gets with all my favorite apps open.

So you decided to ask around, and maybe one of your friends mentioned Bluestacks during one of the conversations- and later you decided to check out how exactly it works. Not that you’re not smart, just what and how does it relate to phones and PCs is what you don’t get – at least you got to know it’s computer software that emulates the Android OS. And that’s almost the best summary to use to describe what the whole thing is all about.

download bluestacks for laptop


To use more fancy words to describe the term, BlueStacks is a free cross-platform Android Emulator. More like it’s a virtual android device running on a computer (BlueStacks is also the name of the tech company developing the software). That allows you to have almost all the opportunities that Android users have.

You might be wondering why on earth would anyone want an Android device running on a PC? Why not just straight up get an android phone or tablet? Will I be able to make calls? Text people? Or even chat? How about play games?

There’s a whole lot of benefits coupled with having BlueStacks on your computer or Laptop. From being able to make internet calls (video and voice) directly on your PC to use the various call-enabled social media platforms on android like WhatsApp, facebook messenger, google hangouts.

Not only that but also the likes to being able to chat even more efficiently using the full keyboard on your PC or Macintosh as compared to the sometimes annoying android virtual keyboards to a whole lot more. And if you were referring to standard cellular calls, BlueStacks isn’t yet able to detect mobile networks as your SIM isn’t connected to the app in any way.

You can also have a backup of all your android smartphone’s synchronized data right on the software.

Before or even after a second thought, consider how many games you have wanted playing on your PC and Laptops that is only enabled on android. All in the full window of your PC or Mac- how amazing. BlueStacks is the best Android gaming software on the PC of all time. Follow my steps to download bluestacks for Laptop.

I know how excited anyone could get about something this cool- give me a moment to pick up my pen cover. We’re going to get to that part in the next line.


I want to make some really dumb assumptions here that you at least know how to run and operate a PC and that you have downloaded a few things from the web yourself. So considering the latest version BlueStacks 4 about 450MB, which has similar installation processes as the previous versions- we’re going to first

Download BlueStacks

  • Go to www.bluestacks.com and click on the Download button somewhere around the screen and wait
  • Once the download is done, click open the file let’s get started- ladies and gentlemen

How to install BlueStacks

  • You may want to let the sleeping dogs lie by clicking on the install button directly or possibly go on to specify where the installed file goes to by clicking on the customize installation button
  • After a few minutes of installation, you then click on the complete button to finish the whole installation process
  • Immediately, you should have a new interface of the BlueStacks 4 appear from which you can complete the setup process.

How to setup and download your first BlueStacks game

  • Immediately a welcome screen appears, from which you could pick up a language you understand well. I understand Spanish, French, English, Portuguese just name it- okay that was a lie, I only speak English
  • Immediately you get done with the language part, you would see another window asking you to Sign In to your existing Google account. And luckily enough you already have a google account so yeah
  • And once you’re done, you can go ahead and search for Asphalt 9 or whichever game or Android software that suits you.
  • Then click on… well, enjoy BlueStacks.