Best Free Movie And TV Streaming App

The Crackle app is the place where entire Movies, TV shows world is packed into a single app.  The full package of the High quality online streaming app and user adjustable quality videos is available on Crackle app. This app is now available for iOS devices like iPad, iPhone. But the official version of this app is not available in iTunes Play store. Of course, Showbox is used by so many people. You can try this excellent app, just fetch this Showbox movies app apk file and install it.

To install this app on your iOS device, you need to follow some steps. Get through this post to know more about Crackle app and to install this app on your iOS device without any errors.


Crackle App Features

  1. It is a place where you will get all your favorite and new movies, TV shows, and Cartoons.
  2. It is free, no need to pay for anything.
  3. Using the application is very easy.
  4. User adjustable video quality.
  5. Download the movies to watch them later.
  6. Search by different categories.
  7. It has separate Cartoon category where you can find a lot of movies which can attract children.
  8. It supports play through Chromecast.
  9. Large collections new movies and get updates about movies, TV shows. 

Steps To Install Free Movie App Crackle

To get Crackle to your iOS device get on through this post to install it successfully on your device.

  • It asks for Credentials of iOS account. Before that, you need to log out from your iTunes account
  • Open the link mobile web browser then click on install or else open the link in PC and scan QR code using QR scanner.
  • Click on Install button when you open the link. It promotes a message showing that you need to open this mobile web browser.
  • To install Cinema Box on your device go to this link
  • First of all, this app is not available in iTunes play store of Apple. You need to install it by downloading this app.
  • Once you entered Credentials correctly, it will install on your device.
  • Go to app menu and open the application to enjoy the excellent features in Crackle app on your iOS device.